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My name is Doug Goldberg, aka DougGtheBA. I have been a business analyst for over 22 years and have walked a crooked path to get to this point. My historical background involved graphic design, printing, proofreading, typesetting, corporate communications, commercial kitchens (sous chef), softwarebeardeddoug support, online help development and training, J2EE/Java development, quality tester, and a few other sundry experiences. These all have fed a little into my current and much loved profession.

I’ve developed a passion for business analysis and architecture over time and in different forms.

I’ve written articles on the subject, published a few papers, written blogs for www.bridging-the-gap.com, taught classes. I’m thrilled to have you here and want you to consider this a place to come for good information, good direction, and solid content about business analysis and architecture.You can learn more about me by visiting my Linkedin profile, writing me and asking or engaging me in dialog on this and other venues. You can also leave a comment below. I’d really like to hear from you….good or bad. Any feedback helps me deliver a better product to you.


VALUE is a central theme to why I stay involved in the BA community and why I started this blog. I feel that I have an obligation to give back and try to do so by contributing to the overall knowledge base of the BA profession, giving my time to mentor and talk with others about how to grow and improve, and listening.You will hopefully find my thoughts and belief in providing VALUE permeating everything I do and communicate on this blog. Of special significance is the VALUE I try to provide when mentoring other business analysts. I consider it the key driver in determining whether to start, continue or end a mentoring relationship, because if I am unable to bring value to a mentee, he or she should find a better mentor.In my writing, I attempt to avoid writing about common themes that have been beaten do death unless there is some new perspective that can add VALUE to the conversation or thought process. I am not an expert on everything, but I think that there should be a good mix of voices that add to overall collaboration. If there is VALUE that I believe my voice can add, I will jump in and encourage you to do so, as well. If I can bring new insights, dialog, thought, argument or VALUE to the community in what is on this blog (related to business analysis and architecture), you will see it show up here.

Email: doug@douggtheba.com
Twitter: twitter.com/douggtheba
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/douggoldberg

Thanks very much for your interest, time, contributions…and the value that YOU provide me!



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