Acceleration of Disruptive Change and the Need to Keep Up

I had the pleasure of taking my passion for mentoring to the IIBA Greater Atlanta Chapter’s BA Boot Camp yesterday. It was a great thing to see a People track on their break out sessions, as it gave a talk like mine a niche to fit into.

In sharing my thoughts on mentoring, I have a slide in my presentation that highlights some key concepts from the Building Business Capability Conference (BBC) 2016, which I use to cement the importance of learning. In giving the presentation yesterday, it struck me how different the message is in the lead-up to BBC 2017 in November AND how fast that message has changed. What was strategic architecture and common taxonomy last year is digital transformation and agile analysis and product ownership today. To be more precise, the latter topics were also present last year, but the strength and veracity of the communications and regular publications has certainly shifted. Even more interesting and concerning is what seems to be a shift from roles on job boards from business analysis to product ownership, data analyst, agile analyst, etc. 

So, it was a perfect time to get out and share the importance of learning, and learning to learn in new ways. It’s incredibly easy to get too busy to pay attention to things that we all know we must do, in light of pressures to deliver at work or care for family. Before long, though, another calendar year has passed and another disruption is altering our career stability and forward path. 

The ability to accelerate your learning potential is real, and so is the need to get the most out of your learning experiences. as I’ve written about before, mentoring provides some key advantages when paired with or when replacing traditional learning methods, such as courses. I encourage you to investigate on my site, and you can start here

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