Mentoring Testimonials

Kevin Nolan (CSM, CSPO) Senior IT Business Analyst at Sabre Airline Solutions

A couple of years ago I moved to Texas looking for a better life for myself and my family. Throughout the past two years that I have lived here, Doug has been my mentor and my friend. As a Business Analyst, he has helped me grow in my profession and strive to be the best that I can be. He’s always emphasized that there’s always room for improvement, and Doug wasn’t afraid to show you where that improvement should be made. If you are a BA and need to find someone to assist you in improving your professional skills, Doug is definitely the person to guide you. Doug, I thank you.

Nicole Houston, Business Process Analyst USA

After working as a system administrator and application developer in the IT field for many years, I found my skill set was no longer in demand in the job market and I was forced to make a career change.  A few months into my job search, I obtained an entry level job as a Business Process Analyst.  While I was familiar with gathering requirements and a few of the business models, business analysis was only a small fraction of the job duties I performed on my previous jobs.  I was on a new journey and felt I needed a guide in order to learn business analysis best practices and feel confident in my ability to perform the duties of my new position.  I decided to search for a business analysis mentor and I found Doug.  I reached out to Doug and after our initial meeting, he agreed to be my mentor.  Under his mentorship, I am able to learn in a safe environment where I can gain business analysis knowledge and apply the knowledge immediately on the job.  Doug provides homework assignments that challenge my thought process and reinforces the business analysis skills I have learned.  I am able to direct my own learning by sharing work experiences which in turn become topics for exploration during our mentoring sessions.  Doug also teaches me creative ways to “manage up” on my job and add value to my organization by incorporating business analysis best practices.  Thanks to Doug’s mentorship, I feel confident that I can be successful in the business analysis field.  My last two performance appraisals were excellent and I have received many compliments from my customers and management on my contributions to the project team.

Raj Rajakumar Consultant at Tectea

Doug is my Business Analysis mentor. He has many year of experience and his performance has been nothing less than stellar. He is highly intelligent and knowledgeable I have learnt a lot from Doug. 

Pete Cohen, Business Analyst and Iteration Manger DiUS Computing, Melbourne, Australia

Doug helped me at a pivotal time in my career when I was wanting to take on more senior responsibilities. With his support and advice, I was able to embrace new opportunities with a level of confidence I wouldn't of otherwise had. One of Doug's particular strengths is to be able to equally provide very tangible advice, instructions or resources to help solve a specific challenge which might be at hand - such as how to most effectively document a particular type of system interaction - as well as higher level mentoring on matters such as how to manage relationships with tricky stakeholders. This reflects the dynamic nature of a senior BA role, and it was great to have a mentor who could provide me with the appropriate support right when I needed it.

Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo), CBAP Project Director | Stakeholder Relationship Manager at Ontario Ministry of Transportation

I interacted with Doug during our CBAP study group! He has extensive experience in business analysis, and is very passionate about hearing out other BAs! I learnt a lot of things during the study group. I highly recommend Doug to be a good BA coach, BA, and a master facilitator! 🙂

Faruz Shafuddin Consultant

I've had a very rich experience with Doug as a mentor. He is always composed and has this simple touch to the way he does things, which makes him stand out. His facilitation of workshops and enthusiasm gives clear signals to the team. I feel privileged to have worked with him from scratch in requirement elicitation.

David Maynard Audit Project Coordinator at Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)

Doug has been very instrumental in helping me put together a study group for would be business analysts. His dedication and conviction for the subject matter is apparent. He is open to sharing his knowledge and grooming the next up and coming analysts. It's a pleasure to work with him.

Krista Dinges, BA/PM/Consultant

Doug is a very giving professional who leads many mentoring activities, sharing his knowledge and experience with business analysts of all levels. I have participated in two of his webinar based study groups focusing on preparation for CBAP certification. He is an excellent organizer and facilitator, who is talented at eliciting vigorous discussions in a challenging webinar environment. I continue to learn new things and perspectives from every conversation with Doug.


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