You’ll KNOW Mentoring is Right for You When….

  1. You realize you are completing coursework and getting certified, but not fulfilled. Academic and even crash courses are built for classrooms, not individuals. You take courses that are worthwhile at the time for a specific skill and as the course is developed for the masses.

Mentoring is training customized to the individual and is equal parts listening/learning and dialog/application. It deals with emotions, emotional intelligence, personal obstacles and capabilities and personal goals and aspirations.

  1. You are ready to squirm in your chair. It is extremely uncomfortable in the early days, because you have decided to bare your soul for the benefit of very targeted guidance. This is not an easy decision, but your thought process has matured to the point that you have self-awareness and realization that you’ve probably blocked yourself unnecessarily. Way to go!

Mentoring is only productive and transformative when built on trust. You MUST be able to trust your mentor to tell he or she the things that make you vulnerable. Until you do, you cannot have the conversation about which of those items are irrational fears and which are real and need some work.

  1. You are ready to slay your dragons! You WILL meet the things in life that bring you fear, shame, embarrassment and angst. It will start as a professional conversation, but you’ll soon realize there is not a work YOU and a NOT WORK YOU, just a YOU.

Only when you are ready to talk about those things can you quantify them, add color to them, see them for what they are, understand what triggers them, understand how you typically react….and realize there is a better way.

  1. You are thoroughly engaged in the mentoring session, and constantly applying the lessons in new situations to grow away from the session. The mentoring session is great and invigorating, but it’s not where you learn. Business analysis and life lessons are learned by experience.

Mentoring provides the framework of the lessons in the sessions, but the time between session is where repetitive application in real life occurs. THAT’s where the light clicks on! You have to be ready to do some offline work reading, writing, thinking and doing.

  1. Your thought process and maturity has evolved to seek long-lasting lessons that pay dividends based on your efforts. You have realized that you are your greatest advocate and “ace-in-the-hole”.

You know now that there is a way through the most difficult obstacles that you have encountered and are able to lay out a plan of attack that is predicated on your own dedication, which builds the learning experience to position you for goal attainment. You realize that this enhanced perspective is key to learning things in different ways and applying them toward harder problems.

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